Why Microgreens?

Seriously, are you eating enough vegetables? 

     ...Why not?

The most common answer that I get is this: Time.


Real whole foods require time, effort, and expertise to prepare, and most people already have too much going on. How much time would you have to spend if you were eating enough veggies?


Simply put, vegetables are a grind.


There’s a reason the nutritional supplement industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. People know that their diets are costing them big in healthcare costs, energy, and possibly even the overall length of their lives.


But do the pills and powders work?


I don’t know. But what I do know is that Microgreens aren’t pills and powders. They’re real-deal whole foods. But they don’t require the peeling, pitting, slicing, steaming, and sautéing that makes people avoid vegetables.


They hardly require preparation at all… Microgreens have the authenticity and bioavailability of a whole food.


And since Microgreens have concentrated nutrition compared with corresponding mature vegetables, they have the potency that you would expect from a laboratory supplement.


They’re the best of both worlds. They’re vegetables that anyone can love.


Neglecting your veggies is a serious problem, and people all over the country are paying the consequences. Microgreens solve your problem without burdening you. Now you can take care of yourself and still live your life.

What’s a Microgreens CSA?

I'll plant, grow, and harvest YOUR personal Microgreens, with love and care!

A CSA is a partnership between you and your farmer. It stands for, "Community Supported Agriculture".

The idea is that the farmer collects dues before the growing season starts. For conventional vegetables this is an annual payment early in the spring. Upon payment, you would become a "member" of the farm, and every member would get a "share" of the crops during the harvest season, which was typically 20 weeks.


The members get a better value in veggies and special access to their farm and their farmer. The farmer diminishes risk and gets start-up money for the planting season. 

Our CSA Program is different, because You Decide Everything.

  • You Choose the Quantity…
    It only works if it works for you.


  • You Choose the Variety…
    You get your Microgreens, not just what we happen to grow.


  • You Choose the Frequency…
    Every Week, Every 2 Weeks, Once per Month, whatever you like.


  • You Choose the Timetable…
    Start and finish your membership on your schedule, year round.


Don't forget, when you become a member, you also get direct access to me, your personal farmer.

It's super easy. It's your farm.

How do I become a Member?



You’re going to laugh at how simple this is… It's just 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose your level of commitment below

  2. Choose how many units of Microgreens you’d like in your share

  3. Check-out


…That’s it! You’re a member.

After you check out, I'll personally schedule a call with you to tailor your share to your exact needs.

Then you just sit back and receive your Microgreens according to your exact wishes.

Sounds perfect, right?

So tell me, which of the options below fits you best?

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