Here's how our Online CSA Works...

I'll plant, grow, and harvest YOUR personal Microgreens every week, with love and care!

A CSA is a partnership between a community and a farmer who produces food for said community.
It stands for, "Community Supported Agriculture".

The idea is that the farmer collects dues before the growing season starts. For conventional vegetables this is an annual payment early in the spring. Upon payment, you become a "member" of the farm, and every member would get a "share" of the crops during the harvest season, which is typically 20 weeks.

The farmer diminishes risk and gets start-up money for the planting season. The members get a better value in veggies and special access to their farm and their farmer.

Our Microgreens CSA is a little different, because Microgreens are a very unique crop:

  • Since production is weekly, members pay small weekly dues instead of annual lump sums.

  • Payments are automatic, for convenience.

  • "Shares" are standard and consistent, because greenhouse production is year-round.

  • Memberships are 20 weeks, but afterward will continue indefinitely until you choose to cancel.

  • Our CSA is online, so we can share our farm with like minded people all over the country!

Don't forget, when you become a member, you also get direct access to me, your farmer.

Also, members receive FREE shipping in the region. You could also choose one of our pick-up locations if we have one in or near your zip code. Just pick your preferred option at checkout!

It's super easy. It's your farm.

Talk soon I hope!

             Silly Farmer Billy

          ...your personal Microgreens farmer, and entertainer 😊

Half Share

Weekly Membership

You want to try out Microgreens?

Here's a great place to start!

Half Shares include our 3 Core Varieties:

  • Sunflower (Full Pint)

  • Pea (Full Pint)

  • Daikon Radish (Full Pint)

This can be a good starting point for someone who wants some spicy, sweet, and crunchy Microgreens to add to their diet and invest in their body.



Full Share

Weekly Membership

Don't want to miss anything?

Full Shares include our 3 Core Varieties, plus 3 Specialty Varieties:

  • Sunflower (Full Pint)

  • Pea (Full Pint)

  • Daikon Radish (Full Pint)

  • Beet (Half Pint)

  • Broccoli (Half Pint)

  • Red Cabbage (Half Pint)

Get the full experience and reap the rewards of flavor, health, and convenience.



Family Share

Weekly Membership

Have mouths to feed?

Or you're just doing a lot of smoothies?

Family Shares include Double Portions:

  • Sunflower (Full Quart)

  • Pea (Full Quart)

  • Daikon Radish (Full Quart)

  • Beet (Full Pint)

  • Broccoli (Full Pint)

  • Red Cabbage (Full Pint)

Perfect for families, but also for individuals who seriously invest in the quality of body and life.



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