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The Most Beautiful Microgreens on Earth: Beets

Just look at them.

I cherish the responses.

I've been keeping the Beet Microgreens in a bag at the farmers market, to protect them from drying out in the wind. There's a moment in my presentation when they're revealed...

"And next, we have the most beautiful Microgreens on Earth!"

People all but gasp. "Wow" is common.

They're lovely.

There's something therapeutic about beholding something that is truly beautiful. It's one of the basic premises of artistic endeavor.

Miracle Food

Beets are already a superfood.

Actually, they're also unique. They contain many nutrients that are difficult to find in other plants, especially enzymes and minerals. That's why they are usually staple vegetables for Vegans.

They've also been used to treat chronic ailments and even boost athletic performance.

So what happens when... You 40X a superfood?

Remember, Microgreens have up to 40X the nutrients of corresponding mature vegetables, and up to 100X the enzymes.

Beet Microgreens are Superfood MULTIPLIED!

Super-Super Food.

Sweet and Earthy

You like beets?

Some complain that they taste like dirt.

Not these.

Beet Microgreens gush with sweet earthy flavor. They're almost juicy.  

There's nothing quite like them, I think. They're so much softer than a mature raw beet. There's none of the grittiness of mature beet greens.

It's like someone took beets and beet greens, and decided that they would have only the yummy qualities and none of the unpleasantness.


Speaking of unpleasantness... Have you ever prepared fresh beets before?

45 minutes on average.

How long does it take to pull Beet Microgreens from your refrigerator? 4.5 seconds?

If you've ever met me personally or engaged with my content on a regular basis, you know that my 'hobby horse' in the health and wellness space is that healthy living has to be practical to be effective.

For instance...

If you eat fresh beets every day, you're going to improve your health by orders of magnitude.

So you begin to prepare your beets... 45 minutes every day... that's over 5 hours a week... THAT'S LIKE A PART TIME JOB!

You don't have to live like that.

Why not use Beet Microgreens every day?

Only 32 seconds per week... more tasty... more beautiful... more nutritious... it's obviously the superior choice.

Treat yourself!

A Tiny Change to Jump-Start Your Health

No Work. Pure Flavor. Concentrated Superfood. There's no reason why you can't make this little change in your behavior that will reap MASSIVE improvement in how you feel, and how well your body runs.

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