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The "Magic" Microgreens

I have a magic trick.

Most of the time, people don't intend to stop and try Microgreens at an event.

Actually, they're determined not to stop.

It usually goes something like this... a farmers market patron walks by my booth. I look into her eyes, smile, and greet her.

She greets me back, but she begins to walk faster. She's getting ready to get away from me if I offer her something.

"Would you like to try some fresh Microgreens?" I say with the warmest smile.

"No!" she sternly replies, and then she pulls her coat tighter, leans forward, and begins her escape. Determined, she shakes her head again "No!" and begins to stomp away.

And then I say the magic words...

"Spicy Radish?"

Two words, it's all it takes. 

I smile again, and extend a pinch of lush Daikon Radish Microgreenstoward her.

She's still shaking her head, but she begins to slow down.. and then turns around.. and with her stern expression still affixed, she says, "Ok."

I don't know why it works.

So Mysterious...

Maybe people can't get over the fact that I'm offering something leafy and green, but I'm saying that it's spicy. 

And they are spicy. 

Actually, my brother in law told me the best "Spicy Radish" story so far:

He's married to my wife's twin sister. So one day, he saw microgreens in the fridge that I'd brought over for them. 

He proceeds to put ALL of them on the plate, and doused them with BUFFALO Sauce... 10 or so bites in, he turns to his wife and says, "I don't remember this buffalo sauce being this spicy, what's going on here.."

..and he won't eat Microgreens now because they were so hot by themselves. 😂

But that strong flavor makes Daikon Radish Microgreens so versatile with other foods. They can cut through other strong flavors and add something to any dish.

They're not 'hot sauce' spicy, or 'chile pepper' spicy; more like 'vegetable' spicy.

It's a sweet spicy kick that hits your tongue right at the end. I've even had customers call me a liar because they didn't taste the kick right away. 

I just tell them to give it a few seconds. They all get kicked eventually!

Not just 'the spicy one', it Explodes with Nutrition:

     Magnesium           Potassium                Vitamin #                     Vitamin C                          Vitamin A                               Calcium                                    Sulfurifane                                         and MORE...

They Go with Everything

Throw away that bottle of hot sauce.

Ok, don't do that.

But seriously, just adding a pinch of Radish Microgreens instead adds the kick, but also MASSIVE nutrition, and a fresh crunch!

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