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My New Favorite Microgreen

Fenugreek? Never heard of it.

I was at the Clark Park Farmers Market.

This had to be over a year ago.

Madura was a very sweet Indian woman who sold Chai there with her husband. She was the one who explained to me that "Chai" means "Tea", and when I said "Chai Tea" I was just saying "Tea Tea".

It was great Chai, too. They had a "Pink Chai" that tasted like cake.

So anyway...

One day Madura says, "You should do fenugreek."

"What's that"

"It's Indian."

The conversation proceeded from there, but I was a little skeptical. I get a lot of suggestions sometimes on stuff I should grow. Most people aren't as serious as they think they are about how much they want these things.

Chefs are the worst, of course. Most of the varieties that I grow started with a Chef's suggestion, and only once ever has the Chef who suggested a Microgreen actually bought it.

But Madura was serious. She wouldn't stop bringing it up.

One day, she left me with no choice.

She literally marched over to my booth at Clark Park, and held up a ziplock bag full of these strange orange seeds.

She brought me Fenugreek seeds!

I had to try it.

There wasn't really any information around about Fenugreek as a Microgreen, so I had to wing it. Traditionally the seeds are boiled or the mature leaves are cooked. More recently, they're processed into extract supplements.

Maple Syrup.

That's what they smelled like in the greenhouse. I was excited!

"Are they sweet?" I picked off a few sprigs to taste... No. Quite bitter. Smokey and earthy. How strange!

This story has a tragic ending: Madura wasn't at the market when the first ever batch of Fenugreek Microgreens was ready.


"This has to be a part of our lineup"

I didn't get back to them for some time.

Too busy, mainly.

Finally this past fall I decided to work them into the system for real. None of my seed suppliers had it, so I had to figure that out.

Why was it so worthy?

A few reasons...

  • Growth is perfect, every time. Maybe the easiest Microgreen ever.

  • Texture is hearty. Second only to the Sunnies.

  • Shelf life is long, up to 3 weeks at times. Only the Peas last longer.

  • ...But most importantly...

Health benefits.

I've always said and believed that all the Microgreens were healthiest.

Was I wrong?

I feel like I've still only begun to read about these things. But there's just so much to read.

Of course, there's the typical arsenal of micronutrients common to all Microgreens: antioxidants, live enzymes, magnesium, calcium, iron, thiamine, manganese, and other goodies that boost health and lower inflammation.

But there's also some very special benefits to the Fenugreek.

They reduce bad cholesterol, which promotes heart health.

Anti-Diabetic properties have been demonstrated in lab studies. Helping your cells absorb nutrients from your bloodstream is important for lowering blood sugar.

People have experienced relief from heartburn and other digestive pains.

But here's my favorite one... hormonal benefits. There's a laundry list of applications, including libido boost for both men and women, lactation stimulation, testosterone correction for men, and even relief from the symptoms of menstruation.

This plant is like magic!

Keep in mind, fenugreek and fenugreek Microgreens don't actually contain the hormones. The best I can understand, the unique biomolecules in this plant imitate different hormones in human physiology, and somehow that's how the magic happens.

Honestly, it's a little over my head. I'm just a farmer, you know.

I just know that I like it.

Everyone can benefit from Fenugreek Microgreens.

If you're reading this, then Fenugreek Microgreens will make you feel, live, and perform better.

Don't punish yourself.

Click the link below and get yourself some of these.

Click Here to learn how to get Fenugreek Microgreens delivered cold to your door!

(You deserve it)

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