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Nature's Most Divisive Vegetable

You'll either beg for more or run away...

"Who likes Cilantro?"

I always have to ask.

And every response is passionate. Everyone plants a flag.

When I so much as ask about cilantro at the farmers markets, every single person at the table either takes a big step forward, or takes a big step back. The people who love cilantro light up and extend their hands; they want it now. The people who do not... they slink back, as if they are afraid that cilantro is going to get on them somehow.

Almost certainly, you either love cilantro with vast affection, or you hate cilantro and believe that it needs to be stopped.

It's genetic, actually.

It seems that some people are born with a gene that alters the taste of cilantro.

They say it tastes like soap. So which team are you on?

Both teams should keep reading...

But what about the flavor of Cilantro Microgreens?

It's hit and miss.

Many people who HATE cilantro find that they LOVE Cilantro Microgreens. Others hate the microgreens even more than the mature plant.

What I know for sure is that the flavor of Cilantro Microgreens is vastly more intense than the regular plant.

For flavor, Cilantro is the most powerful Microgreen that I've discovered.

But why the mixed reaction?

I have a theory:

Cilantro possesses a mix of two flavors. There's a smokey flavor, and a citrusy flavor. The smokey flavor is what some are mistaking for soapy.

Well, Cilantro Microgreens pack way more of the citrusy flavor. Sometimes it tastes like lime juice!

Is this why many cilantro haters loving Cilantro Microgreens?

Perhaps we'll never know.

But what about the Nutrients?

World Class.

Out of 25 varieties, Cilantro Microgreens were in the top 4 for nutrient density, according to the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Maryland.

They’re over 30% protein.

Micronutrients include Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, B-Vitamins, Chlorophyll, Zinc, Vitamins A, D, E, K…

It’s a long list there’s more.

Leave a comment below if you'd like an article that goes in-depth into Cilantro Microgreens health benefits. 😉

For now, we'll continue our introduction.

More Versatile than Mature Cilantro

You like chopping greens?


Of course, I'm being dramatic. Chopping veggies can be therapeutic. But when you just don't have the time, it's not therapeutic.

You're preparing dinner...

...Children are screaming...

......Oven's beeping...

.........Dog is scratching at the door to come back in...

............Spouse is yelling from the home office, asking you to keep it down...

...............Boss/Clients calling your cell phone...

..................Something's Burning!!

And trying to Chop Cilantro Finely enough not to ruin your guacamole!

Can you give yourself a break?

Ok, well then how about this: you never have to chop up cilantro again.

Just use the Cilantro Microgreens and sprinkle them on. Takes 5 seconds.

But Wait! There's MORE!

Cilantro Microgreens have much stronger flavor than mature cilantro. So you'll have to use way less of them to get the perfect taste for your dish.

So you're not just saving time... you're preventing a bunch of roughage from ruining your texture!

Also, you waste less food. Cilantro comes in bunches; half of what you get is nothing but chewy stems. Cilantro Microgreens are 100% tasty superfood vegetable for your body. None of it gets wasted.

Your Flag is Firmly Planted

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you haven't changed your mind.

If you loved cilantro, you're intrigued by Cilantro Microgreens.

You're not the only one. Many of my customers won't talk to me if they don't see Cilantro Microgreens on the table. They turn around and walk away.

And if you hated cilantro?

You probably aren't keen on trying these. There's just too much at stake!

But if you are daring...

Click Here to learn how to get Cilantro Microgreens delivered cold to your door. 

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