Sunflower Microgreens

Large floppy cotyledon leaves give them a lovely soft texture.

Sweet and mild, with a slight nutty flavor!

(By the Pint)

Spicy Radish Microgreens

Lush green leaves with white or purple stems!

Intense radish flavor with a Sweet Hot Kick!

(By the Pint)

Sweet Pea Shoots

Long stems and soft large leaves.

Very sweet, like biting into a fresh pea pod!

(By the Pint)

Pea Tendrils

A high-end version of Sweet Pea Shoots. They have a crispier texture, as well as a more elegant form due to the frilly tendrils. They have an earthier flavor than the more common Pea Shoots.

(By the Pint)

Red Beet Microgreens

Long bright red stems with small green leaves.

Sweet and earthy; strong fresh beet flavor with the soft texture of Microgreens!

(By the Half Pint)

Broccoli Microgreens

Full shade of Green, commonly with purple stems. Slight smokey flavor, but sweet.

(By the Half Pint)

Smokey Red Cabbage Microgreens

We're calling this one "The New Darling". Uniform purple color get a lot of attention. Some are saying that it has a smokey flavor.

(By the Half Pint)


Long pointy cotyledon leaves in bold lime green.

Surprisingly strong citrus flavor.

(By the Half Pint)

Brassica Micro-Mix

Kale, Kohlrabi, Arugula, Cauliflower, Cabbage, and Broccoli.

Different shades of green leaves, light and purple stems.

Our most complex flavor. Savory and peppery, but not spicy.

(By the Half Pint)

Rambo Radish

It's multicolored, mainly shades of dark and light greens and purples. As versatile as a rainbow mix, but nicer and spicier. 

(By the Half Pint)


Fenugreek is beloved by East Indian cultures, who usually boil the seeds or cook the mature leaves.

...but it makes a fantastic Microgreen, one of the best ever, with monster health benefits!

(By the Half Pint)

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